11/05/2012 10:21 | Ester Ehnsmyr

Annual report 2011 - GenPhys group

During the past year the GenPhys group has come to further develop and communicate its unique research focus on interferences between gender and the physical sciences with respect to applied physics/technologies and new materialism. Read the group's annual report for 2011.

A longer stay between April and June at the Centre for Gender Research, enabled by six research fellowships, lead to the advancement of research and publication activities. This was achieved through critical discussions in the format of a twice-weekly reading group, presentations at the Centre’s weekly internal and external seminars and participation in workshops held by other centres of gender excellence in Linköping and Örebro.

Physics graduate summer school

During the year, manuscripts have been submitted to ISIS, British Journal for the History of Science, and Gender, among others. In addition there has been submissions of two conference panels at international conferences in 2012.

The group has also written four grant applications. The first one is called “Trading physics, gender studies and science studies: an interdisciplinary network” (Bergwik et al.) and was submitted for STINT institutional grant scheme in December 2011.

A second one called “genderDynamics: entanglements of disciplinary cultures and research organisations in physics” (Erlemann, Scheich) has been accepted for funding by German Ministry for Research and Science in 2012.

“Constructing sustainable knowledge grids: solar energy infrastructure, gender and the circulation of expertise” (Scheich, Lorenz-Meyer, Öhman) is about to be submitted to the German Research Foundation in 2012.

Finally a summer school for physics graduates was accepted for funding by the Free University Berlin and will be organised in Uppsala in 2012 (Scheich).

Interferometric Investigations

In September the group organised the international symposium “Interferometric investigations of physical knowledges and gender in the making” that brought together distinguished researchers and state-of-the-art scholarship.

A follow up publication is planned in the shape of a gender & physics reader that brings together scholarship in the field, including contributions to the symposium. In addition the group plans a conference on materialities, together with the Body/Embodiment group.

Several publications

Publications in 2011 include a special issue of Science Studies (Hasse, Götschel, Petterson), the monograph “Public knowledge. sustainability in the media” (Erleman, Arnold), and the anthology “Body/space/ transformation: gendered dimensions of nature and matter” (Scheich/Wagels, Eds.).

The anthology “Transforming substance: gender in material sciences” (Uppsala: Centre for Gender Research) (Götschel, Ed.) is currently being peer-reviewed.

Group members

Group members are Staffan Bergwik, Helene Götschel, Martina Erlemann, Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer, Elvira Scheich, Helena Pettersson, Cathrine Hasse, and May-Britt Öhman.

/ Dagmar Lorenz Meyer, group coordinator