International Research Network i-GAP

Interferences of Gender and Physics – Engendering knowledge productions in the material sciences

The International Research Network i-GAP consists of scholars from various European countries and North America who are active in gender research on physics and material sciences. The network allows for enhanced exchange, in particular the planning of joint presentations at conferences and preparing research collaborations. The general objectives are to create a platform for studies on gender and physics/material sciences and to stabilize the environment for this kind of research. The International Research Network i-GAP is hosted by the Centre for Gender Reseach at Uppsala University/Sweden.

The first meeting took place at the Conference “Crossing perspectives on Gender and Physics” (Uppsala University, 17-19 September 2008). 

At the 7th European Feminist Research Conference “Gendered Cultures at the Crossroads of Imagination, Knowledge and Politics” (Utrecht/Netherlands, June 4-7 2009) the network members contributed a joint panel. There the decision was made to strengthen our collaborations and to launch a network for research on Gender & Physics/Material Sciences.

On March 11/12, 2010 a meeting was held at the Centre for Gender Reseach/Uppsala University. Then we determined the network title i-GAP and settled a work program for 2010/2011. Shortly after, a googlegroup was established under the address gender-and-physicsmaterial-sciences [at]

Information about future events can be found under News on the left.

For more information about the network, please contact
Elvira Scheich (elvira.scheich [at] or
Staffan Bergwik (staffan.bergwik [at]