Upcoming Symposium on Gender and Physics

 Centre for Gender Research / Uppsala University, September 7–9, 2011.

Interferometric Investigations of Physical Knowledges and Gender in the Making

Organized by the International Research Network

i-GAP: Interferences of Gender and Physics - Engendering Knowledge Production in the Material Sciences

Course on Gender & Physics in Stockholm

The Centre for Gender Research at Uppsala University co-operates with the physics department at Stockholm University to develop and hold a course on Gender and Physics. The course will start in January 2011 at Stockholm University.For further information please contact:
Staffan Bergwik (staffan.bergwik[at] 

Book project

Transforming Substance. Gender in Material Sciences, edited by Helene Götschel (forthcoming in the book series Crossroads of Knowledge at Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University).