11/05/2012 10:23 | Ester Ehnsmyr

Annual report 2011 - Education group

The constantly growing cross disciplinary Education research group at the Centre has during the year continued its work on participatory and action oriented research projects in schools and universities. Read the group's annual report for 2011.

A main focus of the group’s activities is gender perspectives on science education. This includes teaching strategies, learning processes and identity formation among students, but also a problematising of the culture of science and science teaching. Participatory oriented and action/intervention research projects are carried out in schools at different levels, in universities as well as in other organisations.

Productive year

The group has had a successful year. During 2011 the VR funded project “Challenging science teacher education: gender awareness in constructing knowledge of science and science teaching” has started with intervention on six different science and science education courses in Teacher Education programmes at two different universities. The aim of the project is to explore how student teachers’ constitute their gendered identities as teachers of science and how an awareness of the gender and science issue influences their views of science and their teaching.

On April 8th, Kristina Andersson defended her doctoral thesis “Teachers for change - to visualise and challenge conceptions of science and gender”.

In the end of April group members contributed with a presentation (Andersson, Danielsson, Gullberg, Hussénius) at the conference “Gender and education” in Exeter. In connection with the presentation, the Swedish theatre group Teater Hysterika performed.

In September the group presented a paper at the ESERA conference in Lyon. In addition, group members participated as invited speakers or workshop leaders at several national conferences and training days for in-service teachers as well as at the Gothenburg book fair.

Close collaborations

The Education group has a close collaboration with Kate Scantlebury at the University of Delaware, who has visited the Centre for Gender Research regularly the two last years and not less than four times during 2011.

Scantlebury and Hussénius are also guest editors for a special issue of the research journal Culture Studies of Science Education.

Shorter visits to the group have been made by Chris Siry (University of Luxembourg) and Astrid Sinnes (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), and in connection with the symposium “Adressing challenges to gender issues in education" (arranged in collaboration with researchers at the Department of Education) by Madeleine Arnot (University of Cambridge), Bronwyn Davies (University of Melbourne), and Gaby Weiner (Lancester University).

Andersson and Hussénius have also visited Cathrine Hasse and Nana Benjaminsen in Copenhagen, where they presented the VR project and discussed collaborations and comparative studies.

Group members

Group members are Malin Ah-King, Kristina Andersson, Anna Danielsson, Annica Gullberg, Anita Hussénius, Mattias Lundin, Stina Powell, Minna Salminen-Karlsson, Kate Scantlebury and Marie Ståhl.

/ Anita Hussénius, group coordinator