Gender and trans-disciplinary Pedagogy

Gender and feminist pedagogy is an undeveloped field, mainly in Sweden but also internationally. At the same time it is pivotal in all gender research to understand how gender is communicated. Hence teaching is the key to trans-disciplinary encounters, which is why a national knowledge base in gender pedagogy is expected to contribute to deepen the planned trans-disciplinary research and theory development.

On the 14-16 June 2009, an international conference called Challenging Education will be held at the Centre for Gender Research.

The aim of this conference is to address, question and develop feminist and critical perspectives on teaching and learning, through internationally renowned keynote-speakers, creative workshops and panel discussions. Our vision is to create a meeting place across disciplinary and professional borders, and to encourage conversations between academics, educators and activists around issues of feminist and anti-oppressive pedagogy.

The conference will take point of departure from, but will not be restricted to, the following themes and aspects: 1. The gendered teaching and learning of science, 2. Power and resistance in spaces of education, 3. Passion, ambition and learning, 4. Critical and feminist perspectives on the organization and policy of education.

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