11/05/2012 10:12 | Ester Ehnsmyr

Annual report 2011 - Body/Embodiment group

Body/Embodiment research is a growing field within Gender Studies. At the Centre, the Body/Embodiment group has developed into an internationally established research group with good connections within the field. Read the group's annual report for 2011.

2011 has been an intense year for the group with weekly meetings, continued collaboration with its sibling group at Northeastern University, USA and organisation of two conferences/symposia.
In February, five members of the group participated in the conference “The body and the state” at the New School for Social Research, New York, USA. Further, members of the Body/Embodiment group have participated and presented at several conferences and produced a number of applications and publications.

TransBodies application

The group has hosted a number of visiting lecturers and scholars for shorter or longer stays. Several of these visited the group in connection with the conference “Feminist phenomenology and medicine” in May 2011 and with the third Uppsala University body/embodiment symposium “Bodies knowing bodies” in November 2011.

During the year the group has also worked to develop its research program “TransBodies” bringing together feminist phenomenology of the body and feminist science and technology studies with a particular focus on technologies of medicine and health.

Relational understanding of bodies

The group is held together by a commitment to a relational understanding of bodies and embodiments, stressing the impossibility of understanding bodies in isolation and instead underlining how they materialise in relation to their surrounding milieu, fields of meaning, other bodies and social, cultural and historical practices and technologies.

Joint activities and weekly meetings have focused on strengthening theoretical directions and connections between individual projects in the group.

The group’s intense work has really paid off since it was ranked as holding internationally high standard with the potential to become ‘top-quality’ in the Uppsala University’s own evaluation report KoF11.

Sibling group in USA

Collaboration with the Body/Embodiment sibling group at the "Women’s, gender and sexuality studies program" at Northeastern University, USA, has grown during 2011. In addition to monthly skype meetings with wide-ranging conversations based on shared readings and presentations of works-in-progress, the groups are now in the process of producing a joint collection of essays with expected publication in 2012.

Group members

Group members are Malin Ah-King, Catrine Andersson, Jenny Björklund, Jacob Bull, Motzi Eklöf, Peter Forsberg, Lisa Folkmarson Käll, Fredrik Palm, Anna Samuelsson, Jill Trenholm and May-Britt Öhman.

There are also a number of past members still affiliated with the group; Ingeborg Svensson, Maja Bondestam, Isabelle Dussauge, Jutta Weber, Anelis Kaiser, Emily Nelson, and Milou van der Hoek.

/ Lisa Folkmarson Käll, group coordinator