Nordic Animal Studies Network

The Centre hosts the Nordic Animal Studies Network, Nordic HAS, which is for researchers active in the field of human-animal studies. The network is intended for discussions and exchange of information regarding conferences, seminars and other academic events within the multidisciplinary area of human-animal studies and to facilitate research cooperation among its participants.

With funding from the Nordic Research Council, the first inter-disciplinary Nordic workshop on human-animal studies - Investigating human-animal relations in science, culture and work -  was held at the Centre for Gender Research in June 9-10, 2008. Key note speaker was Professor Lynda Birke, UK, and around 25 delegates contributed with papers and discussions. The workshop was aimed to further strengthen the Nordic network and collaborations. A conference publication is under preparation, and this website will be developed further soon.  

For more information about the network, please contact Tora Holmberg or Jacob Bull.