Members and their projects

Malin Ah-King: Integrating gender theory and evolutionary research

Jacob Bull: Animal Landscapes: The Masculinities of Livestock Farming

Tora Holmberg: Controversial Connections. Human/Animal Relations in the City. Bio-objects in the 21st century. Cybrids and other hybrids.

Fredrik Karlsson: Karlsson’s main research interests lay in animal ethics. He also teaches in global ethics, environmental ethics and ethics of religions. In his doctoral thesis, he discusses by which means animal-rights theories can weigh human lives against non-human lives. He has also done work on emotional approaches to animal ethics. Lately, his research has been on anthropomorphism, and other problems that concern both perception and ethics when thinking with and of animals.

Ann-Sofie Lönngren: Figurations of normativity - transformations from human to animal in Nordic literature after 1880

David Redmalm: The Animal Without the Animal Within: Four Studies in Pet Sociology.(together with Annika Skoglund): The Biopolitics of Bo Obama, the First Dog of the United States.

Anna Samuelsson: Zoo/mbies and Nature Morte: Bodies in Museums 1800-2007

Pär Segerdahl: Negotiating gender across species

Towe Wandegren

Rebekah Fox

Affiliated/former members

Måns Andersson

Hillevi Ganetz

Eva Hayward

Helena Pedersen

Harlan Weaver

Michael Lundblad