Practical Information

Official Language
If nothing else is stated, the language is English.

Cancellation Policy
Due to organisational matters, the organizers should receive a cancellation in good time before the particular event's opening.

Force Majeure
In case of a force majeure incident, if the entire event has to be cancelled, the organizers are not liable for any claims for damages and/or losses.

Delegates are responsible for their own safety and belongings. The organizers are not liable for damages and/or losses of any kind which may be incurred by the event's delegates or by any other individuals accompanying them, both during the official activities as well as going to/from the event.

Late May in Uppsala and Sweden is spring time and the very beginning of the summer. The weather may vary from nice and sunny with temperatures around 15-20° C to cold and rainy with temperatures around 10°C. We therefore advise you to bring an overcoat and an umbrella, just in case.

Weather information and forecast: SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)

Local Currency
Banks are open between 09.30/10.00 and 15.00 on weekdays. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops. It is advisable to carry an identity card or any form of photo identification. The Swedish monetary unit is the Swedish krona (SEK). Euro 1 = SEK 10.23, USD 1 = SEK 7.30, GBP 1 = SEK 11.83 (January 2010). For money exchange, the companies “Forex” and “X-change” have offices at the Stockholm Arlanda International Airport and in Uppsala.

To see current exchange rates, please visit FX Converter.

Passport and visas
Delegates are advised to contact the nearest embassy, consulate or travel agency for information about the passport and visa requirements from their country for entry to Sweden.

The organizers do not cover insurance for the delegates and recommend that delegates take out insurance in their home country to cover pre-journey cancellation for personal reasons and necessary insurance to cover accidents, medical expenses and loss of personal belongings during the visit.

The electrical voltage used in Sweden is 220/230V.