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With about 190,000 habitants, Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden. The city has retained its small-town charm while offering the opportunities and attractions of a big city. Uppsala is considered to be the religious and historic centre of Sweden and the city has a solid base of knowledge and tradition from which to progress. The city has two universities. Founded in 1477, the Uppsala University is the oldest centre of higher education in Scandinavia and much of Northern Europe. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is a much younger institution, founded in 1977. Uppsala also boasts the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, one of Sweden’s most famous locations of prehistoric artifacts in old Uppsala, the unique anatomical theatre built in 1600’s, the great university library Carolina Rediviva, Uppsala Castle dating back from the mid-1500’s, the famous botanical Gardens of Linnaeus, founded by the great natural scientist himself, and many more historical sites and attractions.

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Museums and places of interest
Uppsala has a lot to offer when it comes to museums, historical sites and places of interest. Among other things, Uppsala boasts the largest cathedral  in Scandinavia, one of Sweden’s most famous locations of prehistoric artifacts in old Uppsala, the unique anatomical theatre built in 1600’s, the great university library Carolina Rediviva, Uppsala Castle dating back from the mid-1500’s, and the famous botanical Gardens of Linnaeus, founded by the great natural scientist himself. There are a lot of guided tours that you can follow. You can also make your own tours, using the maps provided by the Tourist Information.

Boat trip to Skokloster Castle
During the summer season, the ship m/s Kung Carl Gustaf arrange daily boat trips from Uppsala to the lovely Skokloster Castle. The ship leaves from Uppsala at 11.00 in the morning and you will be back again at 16.00 in the afternoon. A day trip costs 200 SEK/person and you need to make a reservation in advance. You can also take the evening cruises, departure at 19.00 and back again at 22.45, which cost 350 SEK/person and include an evening buffet. Daily trips all days except Mondays. Evening cruises from Tuesday to Saturday. More information and reservation at the Tourist Information

Wherever you go in Uppsala you will still find just about everything you are looking close at hand. Along the auto-free “High Street” in the centre of town you will find a broad range of modern shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, and small boutiques. With the exception of bank holidays most shops in the centre of Uppsala are open between 10 am and 7 pm on weekdays, between 10 am and 5 pm on Saturdays, and 12 am and 4 pm on Sundays. For more information about shopping and restaurants, download the brochure Uppsala Sweden 2010 provided by the Tourist Information.

The Uppsala card
At the Tourist Information in Uppsala you can buy the Uppsala Card which costs 125 SEK/day and gives you free admission to museums for one day, free parking and free bus travel with city buses. It also includes discounts on shops, restaurants, accommodations and activities. The card is sold year round at the Tourist Information in Uppsala as well as museums, hotels, hostels, camping sites, newsagents (Pressbyrån).

Uppsala is very close to Stockholm, around 40 minutes by train. The trains between Stockholm and Uppsala go twice an hour or and a one-way ticket cost around 70 SEK. Look at the timetable for trains between Uppsala and Stockholm at the Swedish Railway's website where you can also buy tickets. Tickets can also be bought at the Uppsala Central Station. For information about the city of Stockholm, go to Stockholm: the official visitors guide.



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Hostels and other kinds of accommodations
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Travel to Uppsala

Uppsala is very close to Arlanda Airport, around twenty minutes by train and car and forty minutes by bus. The easiest way to get between Arlanda and Uppsala is to take the train that leaves every half an hour and costs around 130 SEK. You can also take the bus or a taxi.

Train - Upptåget
Upptåget, which is Uppsala's local train, goes between Uppsala Train Station and Arlanda Airport every half an hour. At Arlanda you can buy train tickets via ticket vending machines or at the Upptåget information desk. At Uppsala train station you can buy tickets at the Upptåget information desk. A ticket costs around 130 SEK.

Bus - nr 801
The bus nr 801 goes between Uppsala Train Station and Arlanda Airport every hour and costs 100 SEK. You can pay with cash when entering the bus.

The three largest taxi companies in Uppsala offer fixed rates between Arlanda and Uppsala. It normally costs between 450 - 500 SEK and takes around 20 minutes.

Uppsala Taxi 100 000 (Phone number +46(0)18 100 000

Taxi Kurir (Phone number +46(0)18 66 90 90

Taxi 020 (Phone number +46(0)18 20 20 20

Travel in Uppsala

Uppsala is a town where you can easily walk or cycle to most venues. If the distance is too long or if you prefer not to walk you can take one of the many city buses or call a taxi.

Bus traffic
The bus company within the city of Uppsala is called Stadstrafiken. You can buy tickets on board the buses, a single ticket costs 30 SEK and is valid for 90 minutes.

The normal prize for a taxi ride within the city centre is between 50 and 100 SEK. The three largest taxi companies in Uppsala are mentioned above.

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