Gender perspectives on the development of sexual selection theory - A GenNa workshop

Friday 3rd Oct. 2008
At the Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala, Sweden

We welcome Ph.D. students and researchers in the field of sexual selection, working with sexual selection processes (competition for mating partners, competition to be chosen as a partner, competition for breeding opportunities, sexual conflicts, dynamics in sexual selection, sexually selected pre- and postmating processes etc.) in animals, plants and theory. We will reflect over and analyse what processes are predominantly studied in which sex and why. The aim is to increase our awareness and by discussing gender perspectives contribute to the development of a more gender-neutral evolutionary biology theory.

Invited lecturer: Distinguished Prof. Patricia Adair Gowaty, UCLA, USA

The programme in short:
8.30 Get together
9-10 A historical perspective on the development of sexual selection theory. Prof. P. Gowaty
10-12 Group discussions
12-13 Lunch
13-14 Future perspectives in sexual selection. Lecture P. Gowaty.
14-17 Discussions on a gender-neutral theory.
18- Dinner with continued discussions

Malin Ah-King, GenNa, Uppsala University (
Ingrid Ahnesjö, Animal Ecology, EBC, Uppsala University (

Do you want to participate? Send an email with a short motivation of your interest to the coordinators, 1st of June the latest. The workshop is limited to 30 participants. The workshop will require some preparatory work: reading articles and writing an abstract reflecting over gender-perspectives in your research.

Most welcome!