Program for neuroGenderings Workshop March 26-27 (Pre-registration required. Registration is closed.)

Friday March 26
09.30–10.20: Introduction (Anelis Kaiser and Isabelle Dussauge)

10.20–10.40: Break
10.40–11.20: Katarina Hamberg: "Understanding sex or gender differences in neuroscience – stressing the context and avoiding reification."

11.20–12.00: Katrin Nikoleyczik: "To diffractively transdisciplinize: Some methodological thoughts on considering gender knowledge in neuroscientific research practice."

12.00–13.30: LUNCH
13.30–14.10: Anelis Kaiser: "The Cortical Power of Gender Differences."

14.10–14.50: Hannah Fitsch: "Right is left and left is right | Views out of the scanner."

14.50–15.10: Break
15.10–15.50: Cynthia Kraus: "A Brain of One’s Own: Feminism, Neurobiology and the Subversion of Identities?"

15.50–16.30: Rebecca Jordan-Young and Raffaella Rumiati: "Ethics of Neurosexism."

16.30–16.50: Break
16.50–17.30: Discussion: “NeuroGenderings so far.”

18.30: NEUROGENDERINGS DINNER at Restaurant Il Gusto, Dragarbrunnsgatan 19

Saturday March 27
09.30–10.10: Adriana Gini: "Functional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (fNMR) studies of gender differences: unraveling the mystery of the two sexes."

10.10–10.50: Marianne Regard: "Gender differences in hemispheric brain functions." 

10.50–11.10: Break
11.10–11.50: Emily Ngubia Kuria: "The construction and development of the Mental Rotation System – The gender-math gap: a critical analysis of methods and theories linked to the gender/science debate."

11.50–12.30: Isabelle Dussauge: "Gaying the Brain, Sex(ual)izing the Brain: Critical Approaches on Neuroimaging Studies of LG(B)(T) Desire."

12.30–14.00: LUNCH
14.00–15.00: Recapitulating NeuroGenderings with Lisa Folkmarson Käll
15.00–15.50: Strategic decisions: Agenda setting, network/cooperation building

15.50–16.10: Break
16.10–17.00: Book proposal and book work