Body (Im)Materialities

The 1st Uppsala University Body/Embodiment Symposium

Bodies constantly transgress their own boundaries with the help of clothes and identity markers as well as technical devices, implants and transplants. The ageing body is perhaps the most mundane example of a body in transgression, pushing the boundaries of its own being. Thinking with and through disability and disabled embodiments makes it possible to further conceptualize ‘major’ and ‘minor’ transgressions. Also transsexual imaginaries and embodiments open up radical reconceptualizations of how embodied identities are formed. The symposium invites a rethinking of different intertwined material and immaterial transgressions of bodies and embodiments.

Thursday 3/12 Open Lectures
University Hall IV, 9.00-17.00

Friday 4/12 Workshop (pre-registration)
Engelska parken, 9.00- 17.00

The symposium is organized by the Body/Embodiment group, GenNa, Centre for Gender Research with support from SALT,  and in cooperation with the Department of History of Science and Ideas, the Department of Literature, the University Library, the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Multiethnic Research.

Body (Im)Materialities