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Animal Movements • Moving Animals

A Symposium on direction, velocity and agency in humanimal encounters

Uppsala University, Sweden, May 27-28 2010

In recent years Animal Studies has underlined the significance of animals in human lives. The encounters are infinite and variable ranging from the mundane to the remarkable, the obvious to the unobserved, the euphoric to the dystopian. However, encounters are not static, and recent work has highlighted how important movement is to humanimal relations, be it the conflicts arising as conservation species cross the imperceptible boundaries or very real fences of conservation areas or the ‘socio-economic benefits’ of an egg from a hen that can range free. Furthermore each encounter has its own pace; in agriculture the rate at which animals are raised creates competing discourses of ‘good meat’ and speed infuses the ethical discussions in biotechnology. Equally animals are caught up in the globalised networks of production and consumption which materially and discursively circulate animals and their body parts as currency, capital or commodities. Consequentially, movement affects human imaginings of animals and shapes political ideologies. Thus direction, velocity and how various power relations converge to enable or prevent movement is fundamental to understandings of humanimal encounters. Therefore in this symposium we want to further such debates by bringing together current work on animal mobility and movement.

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