Conferences & Events

Our transboundary meetings within the GenNa programme continuously generate exciting new collaborations and projects. We have therefore come a long way in initiating, organizing and hosting international, as well as national, conferences, network meetings and workshops.

Upcoming Conferences & Workshops

Genusforskning vad är det? Genusfokus Uppsala 8 mars
- en populärvetenskaplig dag om aktuell genusforskning

Completed Conferences & Workshops

Nordic Workshop on Human-Animal Relations, June 2008

NorWiP/GenDADA Conference, September 2008

Workshop on Sexual Selection Theory, October 2008

Workshop om genus och naturvetenskaplig undervisning, oktober 2008

Meet Animal Meat Conference, May 2009

Challenging Education Conference, June 2009

Body (Im)Materialities Symposium, December 2009

NeuroGenderings Workshop, March 2010

Animal Movements Moving Animals Symposium, May 26-28 2010 

Between Bodies - emotion, sense, affect, November 2010

Feminist Phenomenology and Medicine Conference, May 2011

Interferometric Investigations of Physical Knowledges and Gender in the Making, September 2011

Zoo-ethnographies, October 2011

Bodies Knowing Bodies: Interrogating Embodies Knowledges, November 2011

Other Events

On a number of Thursdays we hold GenNa Seminars at the Centre for Gender Research. See also upcoming seminars in the box on your right.

Since we host several networks we regularly organize Network Meetings, sometimesfor invited people and other times open to everyone interested. Look at the different networks under "Themes" in the menu above.

Calls for Papers

Conference Publications

NorWiP&GenDADA Conference Report

Meet Animal Meat Conference Report


Narratives of Health and Illness Symposium, September 2010

Between Bodies 2010
Body (Im)Materialities 2009
Challenging Education 2009
NeuroGenderings 2010