Overarching Five-Year Plan

The goal is to establish Uppsala Centre for Gender Research as a leading European institution in gender research and as a partner in a strong international network of research, theory and didactics, transcending the nature/culture divide. We aim to strengthen and develop the dynamic research environment, so that researchers with different disciplinary and national backgrounds will want to come here.

In five years we plan to host a number of new research programmes (national and European) on the same theme. It is our goal to have such an attraction that researchers from other countries will locate their research in Uppsala, and “our” researchers (i.e. those who are and have been here during the course of the programme) will be active in international networks and research projects and be in great demand as speakers at conferences etc.

In order to reach these goals and to realize the aim of the programme we will in particular focus on various annual themes. The Activity Plan will be evaluated and revised every year.