The programme is headed by Professor Margaretha Fahlgren (literary historian), and the programme is coordinated by Anita Hussénius, Ass. Professor.  A managerial group, consisting of representatives from the different research groups and from the Centre, prepares and draws up goals, strategies, announcements of posts and recruitments. The group makes decisions on the matters mentioned above. The managerial group meets once a month.

We have put together a local reference group, consisting of well established researchers from different faculties at Uppsala University. The group consists of Prof. Roger Andersson (cultural geography), Prof. Ulf Danielsson (physics), Prof. Kristina Edström (chemistry), Prof. Elisabeth Näsman (sociology) and Prof. Ulf Pettersson (medicin). The local reference group meet twice a year, discussing over-all strategies and organisational issues.

International board:

Professor Lynda Birke, England
Professor John Dupré, Exeter University, England
Professor Donna Haraway, UC, Santa Cruz, USA
Professor Lene Koch, Copenhagen University, Denmark
Professor Londa Schiebinger, Stanford University, USA