04/11/2011 11:50 | Ester Ehnsmyr

How can art shape science, and how can science shape art?

Can an artist in experimental film at the same time be a successful scientist? For Eva Hayward, guest researcher at the Centre for Gender Research, everything seems to be possible. Encouraged by her mentor Donna Haraway, Hayward has helped to develop new ground for transdisciplinary work – mixing art and visual representation with zoontology and feminist techno-science studies.

When Eva Hayward first applied for graduate studies programs, Donna Haraway, an influential feminist scholar in the field of feminist techno-science studies, invited her to imagine how she could bring together her interests in marine ecology, queer theory, and visual studies together.

- I applied to programs at Stanford and Berkeley as well as at UC Santa Cruz. When Donna Haraway called me to let me know I was accepted to History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz, I could hear her dogs barking in the background and she talked to her dogs and me at the same time. I was so enchanted, and surprised, by this that I instantly felt I would be happy to study there, Eva Hayward says.

She therefore ended up graduating in History of Consciousness, with a concentration on visual studies and science studies, at the UC Santa Cruz in 2007. With Donna Haraway as her PhD advisor. But her way toward graduate school started with a genuine interest in and the practice of art.

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