28/09/2011 14:31 | Ester Ehnsmyr

Good grades from the Excellence Evaluation Panel

In the recently published evaluation report on the Centres of Gender Excellence, made by an international Expert Panel on behalf of the Swedish Research Council, the research quality at the Centre for Gender Research in Uppsala was ranked as “very good to outstanding”.

The Centre, with its excellence research programme GenNa: Nature/Culture and Transgressive Encounters, was commended for having successfully built a new research field in a traditional discipline-oriented university. The Expert Panel also appreciated the very effective work of the GenNa research groups, building up new research fields in the university and linking the topics to the international gender research community. The concluding recommendations included among other things:

“It is obvious that the main work done started with the funding grant. Therefore the GenNa members have done impressive work in terms of both university-internal collaboration and international visibility. In particular the international networks built are very important for the university, the Centre, and for the individuals working there.”

Read the whole evaluation report


In 2006 the Swedish Research Council announced funding for “Centres of Gender Excellence" (CGEx). Grants were approved for Centres at the universities of Uppsala, Umeå and Linköping-Örebro in collaboration.

The evaluation report is the outcome of the second evaluation of the three “Centres of Gender Excellence”. The evaluation panel concludes that the overall quality of the research activities ranges from very good to outstanding, and the Expert Panel recognizes that the Centres have established both new and internationally recognized gender research.They also state that the grants have had an added value and clearly made a difference to the research constellations. The evaluation will form a basis for decisions on further calls using centres of excellence as a funding instrument.

The members of the evaluation panel were Professor Ellen Mortensen (University of Bergen, Norway), Professor Mary Evans (London School of Economics, United Kingdom) and Professor Susanne Ihsen (Technische Universität München, Germany). Professor Dan Brändström was appointed chairman of the evaluation panel.